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Nix can be installed in various ways:

  1. As a package manager on macOS, Linux, or WSL.
  2. As the system environment manager on NixOS, a Linux distribution that utilizes Nix for system management.

This book primarily focuses on the usage of NixOS and Flakes. Therefore, we will skip content that pertains solely to Nix(such as installation on macOS, Linux, or WSL).

The installation process of NixOS is straightforward, but we won't delve into the specifics here. For more information, please visit the official download site at

If you're using macOS, ryan4yin/nix-darwin-kickstarter may be a good starting point for you, you can learn how to use Nix with this book and take nix-darwin-kickstarter as a start point to build your own Nix configuration.